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Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


Du sparst 60%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Exakte Emulation des facettenreichen
Vierband-EQs einer absoluten Hit-Konsole

Das Harrison 32C Channel EQ Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces bietet eine perfekte Emulation dieses klassischen, charaktervollen Vierband-EQs. In Zusammenarbeit mit Harrison Consoles Ltd. und dem Toningenieur Bruce Swedien (Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson) haben Universal Audio den Harrison 32C Vierband-EQ aus dem Kanalzug von Swediens eigener Harrison 32 Series Konsole nachgebaut – der Konsole, auf der Michael Jacksons Thriller gemischt wurde. „Ich hätte mir niemals träumen lassen, dass das Entwickler-Team von Universal Audio so unglaublich nahe an den Sound meiner geliebten Konsole herankommen würde“, sagt Swedien. „Bei der Arbeit mit Pro Tools sind diese zusätzlichen Harrison-EQs ein echtes Geschenk des Himmels.“

Das für seine vielschichtige und weiche Höhenwiedergabe und seine angenehme universelle Einsetzbarkeit berühmte Harrison 32C EQ Plug-In verfügt über vier überlappende, parametrische EQ-Bänder. Jedes der Bänder Low (40 bis 600 Hz), Low-Mid (200 Hz bis 3,1 kHz), Hi-Mid (400 Hz –bis 6 kHz) und High (900 Hz bis 13 kHz) bietet je einen stufenlosen Frequenz- und Gain-Regler. Anstatt über herkömmliche Q-Regler wird die Bandbreite von der Schaltung des 32C automatisch angepasst. Zudem lässt sich das Low-Band wahlweise im Peak- oder Shelving-Modus betreiben. Schließlich stehen noch je ein zuschaltbarer Hoch- und Tiefpassfilter mit 12 dB Dämpfung zur Verfügung.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Deine Mixes mit dem aus Thriller bekannten, facettenreichen und weichen EQ bearbeiten

Lead-Vocals und Drums eine seidig analoge Textur verleihen

E-Gitarren professionell herausarbeiten und perfekt in der Mischung positionieren

Presets der Tontechniker-Legende Bruce Swedien einsetzen

Die Saitenresonanz von E-Pianos, Streichern etc. betonen

Bass Drums und Overheads intuitiv bearbeiten


Emulation von Bruce Swedien´s Harrison 4032 C Konsole

Von Harrison lizenziert und authentifiziert

Facettenreicher 4-Band EQ mit High und Low Cut Filtern

Umschaltbare "in" und "out" parametrische High und Low Pass Filter mit 12 dB/Oktave

Einach nutzbare "Auto-Q" regelt automatisch die effektive Bandbreite

Die meist verwendeten EQ-Presets von Bruce Swedien

Zu den nur im UAD Plug-In verfügbaren Funktionen gehören Gain, Phase Reverse und ein globaler Ein-/Ausschalter

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

P. Toth

25. April 2022

Best color EQ

I'm trying to record everything properly, so when I usually EQ, I'm looking for color - and that's where the Harrison is a real best. Also the filters are just super effective with, and I can spare a lot of DSP capacity.

I. Macaulay

8. Januar 2022

It's got a "sound"

First of all, I love the layout of this EQ, it is super intuitive to use. The bands are pretty subtle compared with other colour EQs, which actually allows for more gradients when making adjustments. The Gain knob is where the EQ can reach extreme settings and break up. Instantly lends a vintage vibe to instruments.

D. Davis

7. Dezember 2021

Not really in love with this thing...regret buying it.

I used this plug for a bit and thought it was pretty decent so I popped on it, and I regret it now. Apparently Harrison released their version of this EQ natively and didn't include any of the harmonic distortion that would make it sound like the original. That means there wasn't anything different about it from any other standard EQ except for the curves it was made with....which anyone could do with any stock EQ with the Q function. Apparently UAD knew this wasn't going to fly with their customers so they did ad something to the plug to make it "vibe" a bit, but I'm still not impressed. Look this up if you'd like. Paul Third on youtube talks about this in depth and there are some google articles that cover it.

Having said that, this is not even close to being in the ballpark of something like the Softube active and passive EQ's. Those are way more analog and warm and full musical sounding to me. I guess I should preface that I purchased this because someone said you can boost 3k in this thing and it's a dream. That's home base for the range of vocals I was trying to perfect so I popped on it. It's ok. But with the softube I can push there and it never sounds wrong even when overdone and right in your face. The Harrison is not like's just ok...especially if you have great signals and sources to work with......but I don't think it's got any magic like the ones I mentioned. But demo it out and see for yourself, you might really like it. Maybe I'll go back and try it again with some different mics and stuff...but for now I just feel like I wasted a bunch of money on an overpriced plug. My fault though considering I had 14 days to figure it out. I just hadn't fallen upon the softube stuff before I bought this one. Live and learn. Keep making music, YMMV

D. Arroyo

27. November 2021


nice... i use it every time..all the time nice...

B. Zhao

20. September 2021

It's like a magic!

You can hear the sonic differences immediately even without tuning anything on the panel. Of course you will obtain a more pleasing sound using this EQ. I thought it might use some harmonic distortion tricks like other coloring plug-ins. But when I used a tone generator and a spectrum analyzer to check this, surprisingly found that my guess was wrong. I've no idea how they achieve such result. It's like a magic.


5. Juli 2021


Very smooth!!!

S. Casu

9. Juni 2021


After having tested it I can not do without it, especially used as a low and high pass filter.

J. Remillard

15. April 2021

Its OK

Not blown away but similar to the EQs on Mixbus. I was expecting something closer but it does the job.

T. Urbonas

11. Februar 2021

This is something you want.

I was trained as an arranger, and I wasn't trained as an engineer. The first mixing board I was ever allowed to sit a play with was a Harrison. It's very easy to get a great sound on a Harrison board. Period. Try it, you'll see.

D. Williams

5. Februar 2021

Legendary Thriller EQ

I absolutely love the Harrison 32C. Hearing Thriller all of my life made me want this sound.. Sadly, Harrison 4032C consoles are extremely hard to come by. But now, finally I can have the signature sound of the actual “Thriller Board”!
Incredible work from UAD. Rest in Peace Bruce Swedien. The main reason I do what I do!

j. hilton

24. Januar 2021

Never understood the term "musical eq" till now. Harrison 32c adds flavor.

I never understood what the term "musical eq" meant till I used the Harrison 32c. There's something to it.

F. Carcone

19. Januar 2021

Still incredible, old secret weapon

I finally bought this beast !
I was waiting for a sale on this one for ages, and now it’s at home.

The first experiments I’ve made with it were quite spectacular, and at the end it just became my go to vintage EQ in the box, in few days. Yep it’s expensive, but damn UA did so much of a great job with this one. It’s becoming an old lost boy for the big public but it is still a true weapon for many engineers and producers, and you understand why when you try it. It’s hard to explain but it is extremely effective, has a fast workflow and always sounds good. Yes you need to know how to EQ, but this thing makes that work a game / joy. I like to run several EQs in series with this one first in the chain. Try it !!!

Well done UA, and thanks again.

J. Boes

14. Januar 2021


Smooth and easy.

C. Uquillas

2. Januar 2021


Really happy whit it !

S. Vasiľ

30. Dezember 2020

Best basic universal channel strip EQ from UAD

Very good universal quality for basic track equalizing and filtering with an color (more color than Precise Channel Strip), little more color have API 550,560 and more NEVE... Best for snare...linear sound, tight bass, clean highs, musical sounding

R. Wolfe

2. September 2020

Awesome general eq

Love this for general eq duties- never sounds harsh when boosting, and works great for removing mud from tracks with too much in the low-mids

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Pop master

When comes to mixing pop, that’s my go to eq. Realy clean, punchy, with some vibe.

L. Szekely

20. Juli 2020

very sweet eq

Great top end , and love the lo and hi pass filters.

B. Mora

13. Juli 2020

Easy, bright EQ

Especially if you are suspect your mix is "OK, but... just missing something," this EQ will get you over the finish line, while not changing/overhauling the sound you're looking for.

D. Martineau

13. Juli 2020

That missing texture

This EQ gave me that missing texture I've been looking for on so many things. For me it's less about the frequency control and more about the grain and texture that it adds to the signal path.