4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

Klassischer Röhren- und Transistoren-Charakter mit Kompression im 1176er-Stil sowie professionelle A/D-Wandlung.

Durch die Verbindung der besten Eigenschaften aus UA´s klassischem Analog-Design-Ansatz mit intelligenten, modernen Funktionen und Workflow-Verbesserungen ist der 4-710d der flexibelste Mikrofonvorverstärker im Sortiment von UA.

Der 4-710d verfügt über vier Premium-Mic/Line-Vorverstärker mit einer einzigartigen Überblendungsschaltung für die gebotenen Röhren-/Transistoren-Charaktere. Zudem bietet er auch die klassische Kompression im Stile eines 1176 für jeden Mikrofon-Kanal und eine Vielzahl an digitalen I/Os zur Erweiterung deines Setups.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Über den akribisch entwickelten UA-Mikrofon-Vorverstärker aufnehmen

Röhren- und Transistoren-Texturen mischen und so wesentlich flexibler agieren

Für jeden Mikrofonkanal Kompression im 1176er Stil anwenden

Jedem Apollo-Interface über den optischen ADAT-Anschluss acht zusätzliche Eingänge hinzufügen

Belebe deine Mikrofon-Sammlung mit den Klangfarben des UA-Preamps

Belebe deine Mikrofon-Sammlung mit den Klangfarben des UA-Preamps

Das Herzstück des 4-710d bilden die vier Kanäle des Tone-Blending "Twin-Finity" Mikrofonvorverstärkers. Jeder Kanal bietet jeweils einen 100% Röhren- und einen 100% Transformator-Signalweg, wie auch die Möglichkeit die beiden Schaltkreisen stufenlos zu mischen. Damit erhältst du extrem flexible Texturen von cremig bis knackig und bist jederzeit in der Lage, den perfekten Anteil an Griffigkeit des Röhrensounds oder Transistoren-Schimmern einzustellen.

Eine legendäre Kompressionsschaltung

Eine legendäre Kompressionsschaltung

Jeder der vier Kanäle des 4-710d enthält einen Kompressor im 1176er Stil mit echtem Bypass, einschließlich der speziell abgestimmten Einstellungen "fast" und "slow". Dadurch können schnelle Optimierungen im laufenden Betrieb vorgenommen werden, um eine Gesangsstimme etwas fetter klingen zu lassen, einen Bass besser im Mix zu verankern oder um Synthesizern und Bläsern etwas Bruzzeln und zusätzliche Texturen zu verpassen.

Zusätzliche Eingänge und <br>professionelle A/D-Wandlung

Zusätzliche Eingänge und
professionelle A/D-Wandlung

Mit seinen acht analogen Eingängen eignet sich der 4-710d perfekt für die Erweiterung Deines Studios. Über äußerst hochwertige 24-Bit A/D-Wandler in wählbaren Samplingraten bis hin zu 192 kHz digitalisiert, kann der 4-710d sehr einfach mit den meisten Interfaces über seine dualen optischen ADAT-Anschlüsse oder die AES/EBU DB-25 Anschlussblöcke verbunden werden.


Jeder der vier 710 Twin-Finity™ Mikrofon-/Line-Vorverstärker, die mit einem TEC Award ausgezeichnet wurden, bietet die folgenden Eigenschaften:

Zweipfadige 285 Volt Class-A Röhren- und Transimpedanzvorstufen

Phasentreues „Tone-Blending“ (Mischen) der Röhren- und Transistoren-Schaltungen, von cremig bis knackig

Neu entwickelter Kompressionsschaltkreis im 1176er Stil pro Vorverstärker-Kanal

JFET Direct Input mit 2,2 MΩ ultra Hi-Z Impedanz mit automatischer Eingangswahl

Große hintergrundbeleuchtete VU-Meter für flexibles Metering der Eingangsverstärkung, Verstärkungspegel und Verstärkungsreduktion

Symmetrische Send/Return Inserts (halbnormalisiert)

48 V Phantomspeisung

75 Hz Low Cut Filter

Schalter für die Polaritätsumkehr

Einteilige, symmetrische Ausgangsstufe

Acht Kanäle mit hochwertiger 24-Bit A/D-Wandlung:

Wählbare Sampling-Raten bis hin zu 192 kHz

Digitalausgang über duale, optische ADAT- oder AES/EBU DB25 Buchsen

8-Kanal Soft-Limiter (an allen Kanälen umschaltbar)

Clock-Subsystem mit extrem geringem Jitter

LED-Pegelanzeigenreihe mit Clip /
Hold Anzeigen

75 Ω BNC Workclock I/O

Schutzschaltung für die Digitalausgänge bei Einschaltvorgängen

Weitere Merkmale
Internes Netzteil mit universaler Spannung

Hochbelastbare Metalkonstruktion, Rackgerät mit zwei Höheneinheiten

1 Jahr Hestellergarantie


4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

G. Ventin

14. März 2015

Breaths new life into microphones

The 4-710d has truly brought all my microphones to life! The blend knob really helps dial in the tone and adds great character to each capture. Can't recommend this pre-amp enough!

b. driggers

4. März 2015


I picked it up used out of Nashville used and, I will be purchasing another as, I complete my gear acquisitions for the studio I'm building. I wired it into the signal path using an Apollo Twin into Cubase. Set up was easy and, intergration was seamless and hassle free. I demoed it by plugging a P-Bas straight in and it ROCKED! I then used multiple mic situations! I plugged a tube mic in and ran it heavy to the transiter side and had plenty of headroom and tube love! I then plugged up a TLM-49 and the sonic range was borderline staggering! And then, "just to make sure" I put a SM-57 and a AEA ribbon mic in front of a 50 watt Marshall!...........YEP! ......Buy it Fool!

S. Hughes

6. Juni 2013

Superb DAW Front End

My studio has improved in leaps and bounds with the addition of the 4-710d. Not only an 8 channel extension for my stunning Apollo, the Twinfinity Pre's and 1176's built in have taken things to the next level and beyond. I now want to get a second one and perhaps even a third and forth. I've sold my large format console as this rig will allow me to embrace a far superior way forward.

There are issues however. The tube section of pre amp 3 is dead, and when I adjust input levels on the fly during a recording I'm getting nasty scratchy noises through everything indicating that perhaps lesser quality pots have been employed in the design. If this is the case I would be very disappointed.

Other than this, the 4-710d is a superb no brainer.

G. Warder

9. April 2013

Great bang for the buck

I just can't get it to sound bad, whether it's recording choirs, live theatre, or pop/rock. The pre's are big and clean sounding, and the compression circuit is smooth. All that, and mine came with a free quad satellite!

J. Randall

3. Januar 2013


Picked this unit up over the holidays and have done quite a bit of recording for vocals, acoustic guitar, and some DI work.

I love the tones and smoothness of the preamps. Especially the mix knob between solid state and tube. When recording an acoustic i use two little condensors set in an X pattern about four inches from the 14th fret, and one distant mic, lately an SM7 which was accidentally left open on a sound check. Turns out it adds a lot of nice rich body to to the X mics.

Anyway, is use the SS side of knob on the condensor mics and have the SM7 at about 1:00 oclock slightly toward the tube side of the mix.

Just a pleasure to work with. Now I'm waiting for my UAD Quad to arrive, and need to pick up a card for the light pip

D. Marcelino

21. Dezember 2012

4710d = fun + magic.

I bought this preamp after finding out about it on youtube.

After hearing about it, I was thinking that this would be one of the most versatile pieces of gear that I own, little did I know I HAD NO FREAKIN IDEA You dont know how versatile it REALLY is untill you actually use it in real world situations!

I am extremely happy with this unit; definitely worth the investment. The pre's are extremely clean and can be very dirty when you want them to be. Push the front end harder and you bring out a ton of character from the tube and transistor.

The compressors are perfect, Period!

Amazing A/D conversion!

The 4710 has brought a whole different dimension to my studio and my work.

-Dan Marcelino

*DMA Studios* Pro Audio Recording/Production

S. Burry

19. November 2012

Hubba Hubba!

I just purchased this and the Apollo together. The only problem with the tone blending is deciding which way to lean. A sweep across the spectrum yields multiple options that are each enticing in their own way. I've barely encountered the preamps on the Apollo because I'm so smitten with these. Also, the 4-710 connects via lightpipe and adds four mic channels to the Apollo and still leaves all of your line inputs available. I already had a Satellite Quad, so I will likely sell the one that they're offering as a bonus, but all of the UA products work together seamlessly and intuitively. Honestly, with the UA Apollo, 4-710, Satellite Quad, and the UAD plugins, you really don't need anything else but microphones, instruments and talent!

J. Mccoy

19. September 2012

Plug and Play with Apollo

I need lots of channels for live recordings and after deciding to move to the Apollo for my mobile rig interface, getting a 4-710d was an easy choice. Fortunately, setup with the Apollo and Logic was trivial. My experience thus far with the 4-710d is still fairly limited - just 2 gigs totaling about 5 hours of tracking. I've been mostly trying to get to know the tube / solid state blend on various sources, as well as what the compressor can provide. On the most recent work, I set up channel one on kick drum and decided to go with no tube in the blend and set the compressor to slow because it let more beater sound through. Channels were used on toms with a 50% tube blend and the compression set to fast. Results were excellent!

R. Lallmang

26. Mai 2012

I just bought the 4-710d to add to my home studio arsenal. As a drummer I want to get the most professional sound possible for my drum recordings. This is it! I use it for my overheads and drum room mikes for the drums, and everything else I record. I am amazed at the warmth and presence this produced.

R. Carpenter

25. April 2012

I absolutely love this preamp, I now have a wide range of tonal possibilities to work with. I can hear such a difference with each mic being blended from "Trans to Tube" that it is like having many more preamps and microphones than I really have. I will be using this preamp a lot. Universal Audio is Great Gear !

C. Cumming

17. Juni 2011

I'm using this unit as part of a front end a/d set up for my home/portable studio. I'm running it via light pipe into a focusrite saffire pro 40 with the 4-710 being the master clock.

It is very simple to set up and even simpler to operate. These pres sound top notch. The 100% solid state setting is clean and clear but not without a little character, the all tube setting is coloured as you would expect and a blend of the two is very nice. So far I've run acoustic guitars, vocals and bass through the unit and been impressed. I'm looking forward to tracking some drums through these pres as they seem quite capable of being driven hard and still sounding good. A great solution for the money for those on a budget.

K. Traynor

13. April 2011

I can't believe how much better my mics sound with this pre amp! I used a Shure "Elvis" mic for scratch vocals during my last session and the singer loved the sound so much we ended up using the tracks in the final mix. I pugged the bass directly into another channel and the bassist was blown away by the tone. It's the world's greatest direct box. The compressors on each channel are an added bonus and sound great on everything I have used them on. The knobs and switches are rock solid and don't wiggle at all. This thing is built like a tank and I'm counting on it lasting for years and years. My current interface doesn't support ADAT but something tells me the UA converters will sound better than the Presonus ones I'm currently using so it may be time for an upgrade. Thanks for making a well designed product at a reasonable price.

D. Rodriguez

26. Februar 2011

Well built! Great converters and infinitely variable tone choices!
more at http://www.damianaudio.com/?p=241

B. Walker

8. Oktober 2013

Excellent DAW front end

Perfect for the front end of your Digital Audio Workstation as an audio input. The 4-710 includes four amazing mic press, compression and AD, plus an additional four AD converters and clip limiting. The ability to choose between tube, solid state or a blend gives some nice choices for recording. The DI's sound great as well. I found tracking an electric guitar track recently quite enjoyable with recording the DI signal with slight tube distortion along with three other mics for tonal variety. In the end, I used all four channels for most of the tunes on the album. Having the different channels allowed me to adjust later to the songs mood. I never thought previously that I would need four channels for tracking guitar!

T. Rambowski

10. November 2011

Germany - Good sounding Preamp ! But we had the same problem with the 4-710d . By switching to another pair microphones (Neumann TLM 103 to U89) the four channels went down. No Signal at all. Now we´re waiting for the third one, after the first two units broke down

T. Hambright

1. Mai 2013



B. Olivier

26. April 2015



J. Gridl

14. Februar 2015

yes, but

why does the apollo (dual/quad, not 16) not have an AES/EBU port?? I mean seriously, this would make 100% sense and they would sell A LOT more Apollo/4-710D Combo Packages... It's just stupid... sorry. ADAT is not "the same".

One star off for "made in china" - it does not feel as solid as the usa built stuff. Can't say anything about the duration so far. One year in use and not a single problem at all.

R. Van Belle

29. Oktober 2018

Works on all types of microphones and electric guitars

Awesome piece of equipement: high quality. Very musical compressor, more versatile than you would expect. Also the ADC sounds very transparent, on par with more expensive tools. Will keep this box in my studio forever.

C. Knox

3. Oktober 2018

Swiss Army Knife????

Absolutely amazing piece of gear! incredible - all kudos to the team at UA - I have spoken to Bill Junior on the phone he's a great guy running and building a-great company with great products...keep up the good work guys!!